Industrial valve grinding & repair systems

The LarsLap® industrial valve grinding system provides valves with fast and efficient maintenance so you can feel confident with the performance of your valves.

Invest in real experience

When you invest in a LarsLap® product, you invest in a partner in valve maintenance. We keep you and your equipment running. With the knowledge and experience of our staff and our partners worldwide we do our best to support you and your staff in your daily efforts.

From blueprint to a flat seat

Our staff is standing by to help you with everything from choosing the right grinding material, to choosing the right equipment and sometimes even developing the right equipment together with you. The quality of your work is as important for us as it is for you and your customers. So, by providing the whole spectra (grinding material, valve maintenance classes, machines and service) we try to help you get the job done.

We’re looking forward
to taking care of you

LarsLap provides a wide range of industrial valve grinding and lapping machines for valves 10–1300 mm diameter. LarsLap’s portable industrial valve grinders are light, accurate, easy to set up and deliver excellent results every time. Stationary solutions are also available for workshop use.

There is no better system for grinding valve seats and wedges – the individually driven grinding heads operate efficiently across the entire area of the seat, providing a dense surface with exceptional flatness.