Grit paper and discs

Here you can find grinding sheets, paper and discs for industrial valve grinding. The products are developed to work together with our different machines and our range of other abrasive materials, ensuring a rapid valve grinding process with excellent results.  

Find the right grinding sheets 

It is essential to use appropriate grinding products to achieve an excellent result from your valve grinding procedure. You need to take in consideration:

  • What machine you will use
  • How fine or coarse the abrasive needs to be
  • How many discs or papers you will need

What does the number on the grit paper mean? 

This is a rating of the size of abrasive materials on the grinding sheet. A high number indicates a fine abrasive, which achieves a smooth finish. A lower number, by contrast, indicates a  coarse abrasive achieving rapid abrasion and quick removal of  deep scratches from your valve seat.

Do you need grinding sheets for industrial valve grinding? 

LarsLap offers a high-quality assortment of accessories such as grit papers and discs that complement  our valve grinding and lapping machines. If  you have questions about selecting grinding sheets for our  products, don’t hesitate to contact us – we have extensive experience of all types of valve grinding applications.