Supply of special design solution

8 November 2021

LarsLap were contacted early 2021 by OneSubsea Taubaté for a project of grinding/lapping seat pockets in a block valve’s for deep water well applications.

The reason for the project where to solve an ergonomic and seat surface quality issue. LarsLap had a solution that we call FL-C CT. This machine is based on the standard model FL that are equipped with special lapping plates that are customized to fit the particular seat pocket. The machine attaches with a special clamp in the block valves bolt holes. It’s designed so the bolt hole threads are protected from damage. The machine was supplied from LarsLap Sweden late June 2021 for the project that started mid July 2021.

We would like to thank William Csuka and his team from OneSubsea Taubaté for the confidence in LarsLap International AB to supply our solution for this special project.