What does valve lapping mean?

Valve lapping means to maintain and improve the function with valves and their sealing surfaces.  

Valve lapping is also an operation that can be performed on automotive engines, but that is not what we talk about here. At LarsLap, we specialize in industrial valves and their performance.  

Lapping is performed using a fine abrasive material to smooth the finish of the surfaces.

What is the purpose of lapping valves 

It is very important that the valve surfaces mate and form a tight seal. Otherwise, leakage will occur, potentially causing inefficiency, financial loss and, in the worst case, hazardous conditions. 

It is the surfaces of the components that are in contact with each other that are the subject to valve lapping. These tend to wear very hard and become uneven and could be a danger to the industrial processes and people.

LarsLap offers a wide range of portable valve lapping machines that can be used in process industry, power plants and other industrial sites with high requirements for valve performance.

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