How to use industrial valve grinding paste, powder and suspension

Industrial valve grinding paste, powder and suspension are abrasive materials that are used in the valve grinding process, for the lapping of surfaces. There are many different materials to choose between, depending on what kind of surface that needs to be improved.

Here at LarsLap you can find:

  • Diamond paste
  • Carbide Boron Paste, CBN
  • Diamond powder
  • Lapping suspension
  • Diamond suspension
  • Silicon carbide powder

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Each with a wide range of grain sizes available. As both diamond and CBN are extremely hard materials, they are suitable for materials that can be difficult or even impossible to grind with conventional abrasives.

CBN is less temperature sensitive than diamond, with diamond losing a lot of its hardness at around 700°C, but the hardness of CBN remains unchanged at well over 1000°C. 

The objective of valve grinding is to achieve a flat surface. Our industrial valve grinding pastes contribute to that. The key in grinding is friction, and the paste with its grain achieves the required friction and the right abrasion, specifically for hard seat materials and if a mirror finish is required. 

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