LarsLap GC 400 VB – for lapping and grinding contaminated wedges in an uncontaminated area

Eliminates the need for contaminated transports of wedges to safe areas in nuclear power stations.

By creating a low pressure inside the cabinet, the contaminated dust will be vacuumed from the cabinet through a special filter system developed for radioactive dust. The filtering system as well as the inside environment is controlled by high grade DOS measuring system for absolute safety. Cabinet can´t be opened if inside environment is not below safe values. Filtering system is computer monitored, and when it´s time for filter change or any failure occur the machine will not start. 

All components, including the system creating vacuum, are special made for radioactive purposes and developed in close relation with nuclear power industry according to their requirements.

● Suitable for wedges with flat seats Ø 100 – 400mm (Ø 4” – 15”) 

● Individually driven grinding heads for an absolute flat surface 

● The grinding heads and driving heads can be changed and combined to suit different seat sizes 

● The driving heads have diametrically adjustable grinding heads 

● Tilting driving heads take away angle errors and make setting fast and easy for operator 

● Tilt table and grinding pressure fully adjustable from outside and adjustable during grinding process 

● Variable grinding speed adjustable during grinding process 

● Electric driven 220V/1 phase 


● Adjustable pivot stands for stabile operation 

● Self-adhesive grinding discs for quick attachment to the grinding heads 

● Supplied with rough, medium and fine grinding discs 

● Internal storage for tools and equipment 

● Supplied with all tools needed for operating of the machine 

● Cabinet made of stainless steel 

● Self-adhesive grinding discs 40 to 1000 grit available 

● Diamond grinding discs available 

 Adaptor plates for wider seats available