LarsLap lapblock — grinding valves while cutting costs

LarsLap Lapblock makes grinding valves and gasket rings easier and more affordable. A unique diamond composite material provides a more reliable result and superior durability. Since neither grinding paste nor chemicals are needed, Lapblock also helps you reduce the environmental impact of your work.

Easier grinding

The grinding disc of the LarsLap Lapblock is made from a stable aluminium core coated with a diamond composite surface. This keeps weight low while providing an abrasive surface that lasts significantly longer than conventional discs.

When grinding, all you need to add is ordinary water. No grinding paste is needed, which eliminates the risk of old abrasive particles being left on the disc and interfering with grinding. The grinding disc of the LarsLap Lapblock is available in different grades of coarseness, from 1 μm to 40 μm. You can easily change the disc yourself.
After grinding, the unit can be cleaned quickly and easily. The grinding disc is easily reconditioned using the cleaning block provided and rinsed with water. The lattice pattern of the disc is specially designed to provide optimum grinding and water drainage. 

Lower costs

LarsLap helps you cut costs in several ways. Thanks to the unique diamond composite material, the grinding disc lasts significantly longer than normal discs. The disc can also be smoothed off when necessary, so you don’t have to buy a new disc when you decide it is worn out. Instead, you simply send it in for maintenance and receive it back in as-new condition.

Because the abrasive material already contains diamond, there is no need for you to purchase or keep a stock of expensive diamond fragments in various grades of coarseness.

Handy carry case

LarsLap Lapblock is supplied complete with a practical carry case made from tough plastic, containing a water bottle, cleaning block and stainless steel container to collect the water that runs off during grinding. When cleaning the unit, you can easily remove this container from the case to empty it and rinse it out with water.

LarsLap Lapblock is suitable for stationary use in the workshop and can readily be taken along for on-site work.

A greener alternative

Using LarsLap Lapblock not only simplifies grinding work and cuts costs. You are also helping the environment, since no chemicals are needed for grinding or cleaning. The absence of chemicals also means you eliminate the risk of skin irritation as a result of grinding work.