LarsLap Model FL — with individually driven grinding heads for quick, perfect results

A midrange portable machine for gate, parallel slide, globe, check, safety and control valves, discs and wedges.

● Suitable for valves with flat Seats ø 50 – 300 mm (2” – 12”)
● Individually driven grinding heads for perfectly flat seats
● Gives you an absolutely flat sealing surface.
● Air drive unit as standard 6 – 7 bar
● Electric drive unit available
● Variable grinding speed on all drive units
● Supplied with a mounting plate for grinding discs and wedges
● Self-adhesive grinding discs for quick attachment to the grinding heads
● Supplied with rough, medium and fine grinding discs
● Heavy duty carrying/storage case for the complete machine with all the necessary accessories
● Extended grinding heads available
● Very thin section driving heads available
● Grinding heads for angled seats available
● Self-adhesive grinding discs 40 to 1000 grit available
● Diamond grinding discs available