LarsLap and Vico are entering into a strategic marketing partnership, where the two companies will cooperate over access to market channels.

The agreement aims at strengthening LarsLap’s position in the Nordic market and Vico’s market presence elsewhere.

LarsLap and Vico Spoltvatt

LarsLap manufactures valve grinding machinery and has a strong position in international markets. The company will now start marketing Vico’s products through its international distributor network.

Vico manufactures industrial cleaning equipment, with a strong presence in the Nordic countries. The company will now give LarsLap access to its market channels.

“We believe we have significant potential for growth through increased exports,” says Vico owner Pontus Tiedemann.

“We offer a complete range of cleaning solutions, including machines as well as consumables. This concept works very well in the Nordic countries and I think it will also appeal to customers elsewhere.”

“We look forward to help grow our distributors’ turnover by selling Vico’s machines internationally,” says LarsLap CEO Markus Anglered.


Accessories for valve grinding machines

LarsLap Vico Ultraljudstvatt“We also look forward to increasing our footprint in the Nordic market, particularly with accessories for valve grinding machines, using help from Vico.”

LarsLap is located in Linköping, Sweden. The company manufactures valve grinding machines that are used for maintaining valves in, for instance, the process and power generation industries.

Vico is based in the Stockholm area. The company manufactures industrial cleaners for industries such as manufacturing, processing, power generation, marine and offshore.

The two companies have cooperated on supply chain issues since the late 1980s. Plans on a partnership agreement have developed over the last few years. The two companies have similar customer base but different products. The products, to some extent, complement each other, enabling both companies to leverage a wider product range.


For further information, please contact: Markus Anglered, CEO, LarsLap; tel: +46 70-562 32 11; email:; or Pontus Tiedemann, owner, Vico; tel: +46 70-227 05 70; email: