What is valve lapping compound and what is it used for?

25 November 2021

Valve lapping compound is the mixture with abrasive material  that is used in industrial valve-lapping operations. The goal is to remove defects on the metal surfaces of valves, such as corrosion and burrs, with a wide range of mixtures available. The mixture is based on hard abrasive particles suspended in paste or liquid, either oil-based or water soluble. Abrasive material can also be glued to sheets with a paper or cloth backing. The type of grit paper is decided based on the  material that it will be in contact with – abrasive materials range from glass to carborundum, diamond and silicone.

The abrasive has three main components that work together:

The abrasive material or grit

This needs to be of the right quality to cut through hard metal while at the same time absorbing heat without losing efficiency.

The backing

The backing provides stability

The resin

The resin holds the grains together and attaches them to the backing. Additionally, modern resins aid in the cooling process.

The lapping surface that is machined is stationary while the lapping machine rotates a disc made of cast iron with grit against the surface. Using a succession of gradually finer  compounds, very exact evenness can be achieved, which is the goal of the operation.

For over 30 years, LarsLap has developed and manufactured industrial valve lapping machines, making us an expert partner.

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