Industrial valve grinding equipment

Large assortment of grinding equipment 

LarsLap offers a wide range of industrial valve grinding equipment. Our innovative, efficient equipment enables you to achieve excellent results quickly, helping your plant perform better with lower losses. Our designs are patented and the technology a result of proven solutions for on-site valve grinding. Some of our machines can be customized to suit your exact requirements.

Our range of valve grinding equipment provides features such as: 

  • Portable
  • Variable grinding speed
  • Heavy duty 
  • Electric or pneumatic drive

Valve repair can cause extended downtime and unwanted costs. By repairing valves in situ, losses are reduced by keeping downtime and disruption to a minimum.

Examples from our range:

  • LarsLap Model G, a large range, portable machine ideal for gate, parallel slide, globe, check, safety and control valves, discs and wedges
  • LarsLap Model S, small and portable, ideal for gate and parallel slide valves, discs and wedges.
  • LarsLap Model FL, with individually driven grinding heads for quick, perfect results.

Do you need help to select industrial valve grinding equipment? 

LarsLap’s product line is based on our market leading solutions. To find the right equipment for your application, please contact us at LarsLap, we will be happy to help!