About LarsLap

LarsLap® valve grinding system give your valve a fast and efficient maintenance so you can feel confident about the performance of your valves.

LarsLap supply the best and most comprehensive range of portable valve grinders on the market

Valve grinding with individually driven grinding heads

Following up its achievements in the field of valve reconditioning and servicing in the Swedish nuclear and process industries, LarsLap has successfully exported its machines to numerous countries, both direct and through carefully selected partners. Satisfied customers from different parts of the world have commented favorably on the quality, performance and cost benefits of LarsLap valve grinders.

In response to numerous requests from customers the world over, LarsLap has contributed to special application development to fit different special needs.

The History – From inspiration to expertise

In the 1970s, Lars Inge Larsson worked as a field service engineer for valve manufacturer NAF in Linköping, Sweden.

He had two main tools at his disposal – a large valve grinder and a small one. The large one would deliver excellent results, but it was heavy, cumbersome and nearly impossible to use in the field. The other one was light and simple. Perhaps a bit too simple, as results were inconsistent and not always satisfactory.

Larsson put his mind to work, trying to come up with a concept halfway between the two – light-weight, yet accurate.

The result was the LarsLap system with individually driven grinding heads that today is used all over the world.