As players in the global market, we at LarsLap have found our way to participate in the fight for a sustainable environment and future.

We contribute to environmental sustainability by helping operators of process equipment improve efficiency, enabling them to maintain production with less use of resources.

We are committed to the process for a low carbon society – where everyone collaborates to reduce the amount of  carbon dioxide emissions. The world’s emissions of greenhouse gasses must be cut down for the future of our planet and ourselves. However, the world’s population is expected to increase to 9.7 billion by 2050. The conclusion is that everyone has to do more with less, starting now. LarsLap´s solution strives for just that. Enabling process systems to run more efficiently through better valve maintenance is our small contribution for environmental sustainability. 

But sustainability not only applies to the environmental goals but also to the economy, which in the long run benefits the environment. We offer an effective solution for industrial valve grinding that reduces costs for our customers without limiting the technology or function. 

Across our whole value chain, we operate according to sustainable principles and always apply responsible business practices.